Unitron launches Unitron Moxi Now hearing aid and makes wearing hearing aids cool

“The Moxi Now is arguably the best looking hearing aid on the market today.”


Unitron, a Canadian manufacturer of hearing aids and part of the Sonova Group, recently announced their latest hearing innovation, the Unitron Moxi Now. The Moxi Now hearing aid is considered a mini-RIC (miniature receiver in canal) and wow is it mini! While the hearing device is designed to be aesthetically-pleasing, it also does not disappoint with specs or technology. We’ll break that down below.

The Moxi Now is billed as the smallest hearing aid in it’s class and is also powered by Unitron’s North platform. The North platform uses innovative hearing technology to drive the Moxi Now and other hearing aids in the North family. Some of those features are SpeechZone2, Log It All and Frequency Compression.



Many hearing devices today have directional microphones. Directional microphones help hearing aids to ‘focus’ their listening, while reducing amplification from areas outside of the likely speech zone. The challenge with traditional directional microphones is that they usually prioritize sound in front of the wearer. While this is preferred for many environments, there are situations where someone would want to hear sound from the side or even behind them. Imagine being in a car and trying to listen to someone in the back seat or being in a meeting and wanting to hear a question coming from the side. This is where Speech Zone 2 comes in by using information from both hearing aids to make decisions about microphone strategies. The hearing system will adjust microphone strategies based on where the speech signal is coming from, giving better clarity and understanding to the hearing aid user.



Log It All, also known as data logging, collects information about the user experience during hearing aid usage. This information can be incredibly useful to the hearing healthcare professional. The audiologist or hearing aid dispenser can use this collected data to make more educated and personalized changes to the hearing system during programming adjustments. Log It All collects information on environment types, wearing schedule, hearing aid performance and more.


For many people with hearing loss, there are certain frequencies where their hearing impairment is quite severe, especially in the higher frequency ranges. Traditional amplification of these areas can results in poor outcomes. Patients with profound high frequency loss can still have a lot of difficulty with certain noise and pitches, because their auditory system can no longer process these signals, even when amplified. Frequency compression helps by not only amplifying the sound, but also lowering the pitch to a sound that is better processed by the auditory system.


The Now product line also boasts additional features, such as binaural phone, SoundNav and AntiShock. It also comes in 3 different technology levels, Pro, 800 and 700. This means there are essentially 3 different price points for consumers to choose from.

Did we mention how small the Unitron Moxi Now is?

In addition to all of the great hearing tech included above, the new Now hearing aid comes in a beautiful form factor. In fact, the Moxi Now is arguably the best looking hearing aid on the market today. If you are looking for hearing aids and are concerned about how they will look (who isn’t?), the Unitron Moxi Now¬†is a great place to start.

Unitron Moxi Now