Unitron Moxi Now Hearing Aids

Unitron Moxi Now

The world’s smallest wireless RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) hearing aid has just been launched by Unitron. Moxi Now is the smallest hearing aid in it’s segment, giving hearing aid wearers a discreet and modern hearing solution. The Now is designed to help balance speech understanding and comfort in a comfortable and attractive package. Built on the North platform, these devices include powerful and innovative features like SoundNav, Sound Conductor and Binaural Phone. Both comfortable and stylish, the Unitron Moxi Now is proof that small things can make a big impact.

unitron moxi now RIC

Tempus Processing Platform

Unitron’s latest sound processing platform is called Tempus, and it is based on a foundation of Unitron’s proven sound quality. Built into Unitron’s hearing technologies, Tempus provides wearers with natural sound, clean signals, and a greater dynamic range. Its wide dynamic range allows for a better sound picture without distortion, while the dual core processing performs tasks quickly. Tempus also provides wearers with better focus of sounds in noise, with seven settings for seven common sound environments. These include better focus in noise and quiet, a special music feature, and four specific to conversations: conversation in quiet, in a small group, in a crowd, and in noise.

Moxi Now Features Explained

Speech Zone 2

In complex listening environments, SpeechZone adjusts it’s microphone strategy to enhance the conversation from any direction. This allows the wearer to hear better and with more ease in restaurants, meetings and parties.

Binaural Spatial Processing

These hearing devices work in coordination with one another to determine the precise location of most important speech signals.

My Music

My Music has unique settings which improve the overall enjoyment of listening to music.

Binaural Phone

Binaural Phone allows the wearer to hear the phone signal binaurally (both ears). It achieves this by streaming the audio signal from the side nearest the phone to the other hearing aid.

Sound Conductor

Sound Conductor scans the environment and balances the processing features to improve speech understanding and comfort while maintaining natural sound quality.


SoundNav is a technology that identifies and seamlessly transitions across environments, with a focus on conversation types.


Log It All is a newest generation of data logging. This feature allows the hearing aid to capture information about the wearing schedule, environments and hearing aid performance.

Frequency Compression

Frequency compression is a technology that allows the hearing instrument to move the sound from frequencies that are unlikely to be heard, to other frequencies. This is especially useful for wearers with severe high frequency hearing loss.

Adaptation Manager

Adaptation manager allows the hearing professional and patient to gently ease into amplification. This is especially useful for first-time hearing aid wearers as they adjust to the new sounds.

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