Signia Primax. A new chapter in Soundability.

Signia believes that hearing should be as effortless and natural as possible, even for people with a hearing impairment. The micon™ and binax™ platforms  made tremendous breakthroughs in high-quality binaural hearing, especially in noisy and complex listening situations (like restaurants). Signia Primax hearing aids combine the optimal balance of sound quality and audibility tailored to the wearer’s individual preference, primax is clinically proven* to make hearing effortless, thus redefining the ease of listening.

Three key technologies for effortless hearing:

  1. Noise reduction: Reduces background noise
  2. Directionality: Focuses on the direction of the target speaker
  3. Amplification: Elevates the target speaker over all other sounds in the environment

primax SpeechMaster:

SpeechMaster orchestrates all features, including binaural functions, according to environmental changes to highlight the dominant speaker‘s voice and reduce listening effort in every speech situation throughout the day.

Listening effort is reduced by making speech understanding easier. primax incorporates existing binax and micon technology while capitalizing on further innovations to achieve reduced listening effort for a wide variety of speech environments.

This is achieved by selectively activating and steering three key technologies in parallel: Noise reduction, directionality and now with primax, by steering amplification to target and elevate the dominant speaker over all other sounds in any environment.

Signia Pure Primax 2

Signia Primax and SpeechMaster

Effortless hearing that’s clinically proven.

Previously, hearing effort has been primarily measured using questionnaires, rating scales and individual measurements recorded after the hearing test. Because these methods are subjective, they were often found to be inaccurate. A new method was therefore developed to obtain an objective measurement of listening effort based on measured brain activity.


No snap, crackle or pop!

SpeechMaster brings outstanding performance to the table to make sure our wearer doesn’t miss a thing: It singles out the speech while simultaneously engaging speech and noise management and SoundSmoothing™ to reduce the clattering cutlery and rustling newspaper – for relaxed, effortless speech understanding.

Keeping conversations on track.

SpeechMaster elevates the speaker of interest while the speech and noise management system and narrow directionality allow the wearer to focus on speech coming directly from the front. SpeechMaster further attenuates the voices of the speakers within the directional cone behind the colleague – for clear and relaxed conversation.

Catching the breeze.

SpeechMaster automatically reduces surrounding sounds and voices by singling out the conversation at the table while further excluding the heated discussion with directional microphones. It also engages speech and noise management and eWindScreen™ binaural to tackle the traffic and wind noise. All this lets our wearer sit back and enjoy the company.

Signia Primax Styles Explained

Ace Primax

Signia Ace Primax Anatomy

Ideal for first-time wearers and those who demand the utmost in discretion and functionality, the new Ace primax RIC sits unobtrusively behind the ear. Thanks to its IP67-rated* interchangeable housing, users can select from a range of colors to suit their individual preference. Ace primax delivers power in a tiny form for effortless hearing, which thanks to the touchControl App, can be conveniently and discreetly adjusted.

  • Remote Control Option

    Hearing aid can be discreetly controlled via the touchControl App and mini pocket.
  • Directional microphones

    Improve speech understanding in noise by focusing on the person in front of you.
  • Battery compartment

    Lets you switch your instrument on and off.
  • Exchangeable housing

    If color preferences change, your Hearing Care Professional can exchange the housing.

Suitable for practically all levels of hearing loss, the new Pure primax redefines the lightness of hearing. IP67-rated* for greater reliability, its tiny housing is packed full of advanced functionality, and thanks to the eCharger, there are no batteries to replace. Directional microphones deliver outstanding binaural performance while easyTek and easyTek App extend its functionality for greater convenience and connectivity.

  • All the Features of the Ace and More.

    Directional microphones, Battery compartment, Exchangeable housing, and these other great features below.
  • Charging contacts

    For recharging and to avoid handling batteries.
  • MiniReceiver 2.0

    For excellent sound performance. Available in four different lengths and power levels S, M, P, and HP
  • TwinPhone

    The telephone signal is transmitted clearly from one hearing aids to the other.

Pure Primax

Signia Pure Primax Anatomy

Insio Primax

Signia Insio Anatomy

Available in a variety of models, the new Insio primax offers outstanding sound quality and performance. Thanks to its binaural OneMic directionality function, even the tiny CIC models with a single microphone deliver superior directionality to the front.

All Insio primax models, from ITEs down to even the tiniest IICs, can be remote controlled via the touchControl App. The easyTek and easyTek App further enhance the wireless connectivity options of most Insio primax models.

  • Remote Control Option

    Hearing aid can be discreetly controlled via the touchControl App and mini pocket.
  • Microphone

    Focuses on the speaker in front of the wearer while reducing background noises.
  • Battery compartment

    Lets you switch your instrument on and off.
  • Waxguard

    Protects the hearing aid from earwax. Different waxguard options available.

Touch Control App

Signia Touch Control App

Compatible with all primax devices, the touchControl App™ allows users to discreetly control their hearing instruments from their Android or iOS smartphone without the need for any additional hardware. The app, which lets users change hearing programs and adjust the volume, is free to download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Spatial Configurator.

Now also available in the touchControl App, the Spatial Configurator function is used to adjust the span and focus of the directional microphones, allowing users to easily concentrate on their preferred sound source. Easily enabled during setup, the function is compatible with most 7px and 5px hearing aids*.

easyTek App

Signia easyTek App

With the easyTek App, users can change hearing programs, volume, directionality, tinnitus settings, and SoundBalance™. It’s even possible to check the battery status of their hearing aids.

easyTek App is an ultra-discreet, simple way to intuitively and completely control your hearing aids using your Android™ or iOS smartphone. It lets you see the status of your hearing aids on your smartphone’s screen, stream sound from audio sources, or use your phone like a remote control.

The app is easy to understand because it becomes the screen display of your easyTek. While others think you’re simply checking a text message, in fact you are making a quick hearing program or volume adjustment. Control your tinnitus settings and SoundBalance™ with a simple touch! The easyTek App even lets you adjust audio preferences while streaming music.

Signia Primax Styles

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Primax Models

Primax 5px

  • 32 Channels
  • SpeechMaster
  • Twin Phone
  • SoundBrillance
  • TruEar

Primax 3px

  • 24 Channels
  • SpeechMaster
  • Twin Phone
  • Sound Smoothing
  • TruEar

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Now Facts

  • IP67-rated for greater reliability.
  • Directional microphones deliver outstanding binaural performance.
  • easyTek and easyTek App extend its functionality for convenience and connectivity.
Signia Primax Styles

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