Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

There’s no denying that smartphones have come a long way in the past decade. For people who experience hearing loss, hearing aid technology has kept up with the latest innovations. These days, hearing aids are equipped to connect wirelessly to your iPhone (or Android!). Here are the top three best smartphone-compatible hearing aids on the market!

ReSound LiNX2

As one of the first Made for iPhone hearing aids on the market, the LiNX2 provides wearers with an exceptional experience of accessibility and clear listening. Through the ReSound Smart App, wearers are able to stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, and media directly from the smartphone to their LiNX2 hearing aids. The Smart App also allows wearers to adjust their program features and volumes with ease, giving wearers a level of discretion.

With Wide Dynamic Range Compression sound processing technology and Digital Feedback Suppression, the LiNX2 processes sound at an incredibly fast speed while also eliminating the whistling and buzzing of feedback. The Spatial Sense and New Binaural Directionality features help to situate wearers in their surroundings by simulating binaural hearing. Surround Sound technology helps wearers identify directions from which sounds appear. LiNX2 also offers geo-tagging options using the iPhone’s GPS function, to archive user preferences in different locations and make automatic adjustments when users return.

In particularly challenging noise situations, wearers may use the Live Listen feature, which turns the iPhone into an assistive listening device. Wearers simply enable the iPhone’s microphone and connect to the Smart App, then place the phone near the person they are conversing with or the sounds they specifically want to amplify. This improves sound quality, focus, and speech recognition.

Aside from its wireless capabilities, LiNX2 offers wearers excellent speech recognition and sound quality. Its iSolate nanotech coating offers protection from moisture, dust, and other debris. The LiNX2 is available in the following styles: invisible-in-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear. It is equipped with Nature Sounds to provide tinnitus relief.

Starkey Halo 2

The Halo was one of the first Made for iPhone hearing aids on the market. It was awarded the Silver Edison Award in 2015. Building upon the successes of the original Halo, the Halo 2 offers many updated and new features to provide a great listening experience.

The Halo 2 uses the TruLink app to connect wearers to their iPhones. Through this connection, wearers are able to stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, and other media directly from their iPhones and other Apple devices directly to their Halo 2 hearing aids. The Halo 2 also activates the iPhone’s GPS function, to geo-tag locations with user preferences. When wearers return to certain locations that have been saved, their archived preferences will automatically switch to accommodate the listening environment.

With feedback from hearing professionals and hearing aid wearers, the Halo 2 now offers easier listening in noise. Halo 2’s directional microphones assist wearers in many different environments by eliminating distracting background noise. This provides the wearer with a clearer sound signal, with less listening effort. Halo 2 offers flexibility with different frequencies, balancing high and low frequencies for improved speech intelligibility.

The Starkey Halo 2 is available in receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear styles, and treats mild to severe hearing loss. It is also now compatible with select Android phones.

Oticon OPN

The OPN is Oticon’s latest hearing aid, proven to reduce listening effort by 20% in noisy environments. Additionally, the OPN enables hearing aid wearers to remember 20% more in challenging noise environments and improves speech understanding by 30% than previous Oticon models.

OPN is powered by the Velox Processing Platform, providing wearers with an “open sound” solution. Unlike other hearing aids that eliminate background noise, OPN provides wearers with a clear picture of sound in their environment, allowing them to choose where to focus. Velox processes sound 50 times faster than previous Oticon models, which assists the brain’s auditory process.

OPN builds upon Oticon’s BrainHearing Technology. The OpenSound Navigator Environmental Analyzer scans the wearer’s environment 100 times per second, analyzing and balancing every sound. OPN’s TwinLink technology provides two wireless communication systems in one hearing aid. Powered with a near-field magnetic communication (NFMI), OPN hearing aids provide a higher quality of sound and a Bluetooth connection to smartphones and other devices. This allows wearers to stream phone calls, music, and other media directly to their OPN hearing aids.

OPN is world’s first hearing aid that connects directly to the Internet. Through the web service If This Then that (, Opn allows wearers to connect to IFTTT services used in everyday life, such as doorbells and baby monitors. This groundbreaking technology ensures that wearers will have access to all the sounds in their life, in a convenient and effortless way.

The OPN is available in a discreet, mini receiver-in-canal style.